Promote your Business by making a website like Company Profile.
Enjoy same Features in other Platforms plus Blogging, Jobs, Fundraising, Food & Services Marketplace.
Stop paying for Likes. Advertise your Products & Services Worldwide in the Global Wall For Free.

Best Social Media Platform for Business & Entrepreneur

CAREIFY Web Development PlansCoca Cola after spending precious time and resources to earn 106 million Followers in a popular Social Network is Inactive. They have 92 Likes in their May Post because the Algorithm does not show their Updates to most of their Followers. Many Social Networks except YouTube require you to Pay for the Followers to see your Posts. Those Posts cannot be seen by Google and non Followers which is a Ripoff thus resulting to Troll farms to boost engagements.

CAREIFY empowers your Business by having a Free and a website like Profile to promote your Products & Services. We have a Global Wall to advertise for Free your Products Worldwide that can be seen by Google and Logout Users to gain maximum exposure. You don’t need to spend to build up your online Presence and Sell Online using CAREIFY.

You can hire Employees and increase your Followers using our Job Platform. Like Apple, you can Start your Business in the Garage and sell your Services online in the First Service Marketplace. Our Platforms are Free and we would be Happy for You if you Try it.

CAREIFY is more Advance & Uplift Lives

Connect with friends, Find Jobs and Sell your Services in the Philippines using CAREIFY.

Social Media Platform

Enjoy maximum Flex by setting your Profile to Public and posting in the Global Wall which can be seen by Google and Logout users.

Create a website like Company Page to promote your Products & Services. Post Media, Blogs & Jobs to connect to more Customers.

Enjoy an Advance Timeline with menu for all Global Posts, your Friends Activities, updates in all your Groups, your Updates, mentions, etc..

Enjoy all the features present in other Platforms like Groups, Messaging plus Advance Media Gallery, Profanity Filter, News, Better Privacy, etc..

Find and Post Jobs, Donate to Fundraisers, and Setup your own Services business at Home to earn money Safely during the Pandemic.

Why Use the CAREIFY Social Network?

CAREIFY is a Powerful Platform since we combined the Features of Facebook, LinkedIn, Jobstreet, Blogger, GoFundMe and Services Marketplace into One domain.  Creative Web made the Platform in 2 months and expect more Useful and Greater features in the coming months. Our Platform is Free and try it out to realize its benefits.

Wholesome Social Network

CAREIFY has all the features of Facebook and LinkedIn except Video Chat. Enjoy features like Messaging, Advance Timeline & Global Wall, Profanity Filter, Posting media, Services, better Profile Page, Create Public or Private Page and Groups, Secure Login, Advance Search, etc..

Social Fundraising Platform

CAREIFY Fundraising is Forever Free and designed for the masses which means Fundraiser can receive donations without having a Paypal or Bank account. It has a Strict Fundraiser Program to ensure Donor’s Protection. All Fund Drives are screened by Moderators before publishing.

First Services Marketplace

Start your Own FoodPanda, Grab and other Businesses at Home. You can setup an Online Shop and Billing System with an advance tools to sell simple, variable, bookable and recurring Payments for your Service. The limits of this Platform is based from your Creativity and Resourcefulness.

Jobs Portal

We want to Uplift the Lives of Filipinos by making Finding of Jobs Easier thru publishing your Resume and Services. Businesses can now Post Jobs for Free and Feature your Urgent Job Opening thus reducing the Operating Cost.

Blog & Press Release Platform

For small businesses without a website, enjoy using our Blogging and Press release Platform for Free to promote your Products and Services. Companies can post Blogs to write uplifting and interesting articles to promote your Causes.

Most Secure, Fastest & Search Optimized

We are the only Platform with A+ Security. We use multilayer Security in the Platform, Server and CDN. CAREIFY is the Fastest Platform (A98% Page Speed) and Search Engine Optimized (100%). This means Google will rank your Posts higher.