CAREIFY’s Front-end is nice, feature-rich and has an advance filter. The Single Post has multiple tabs to write great content and has a Validation section to show summary of all requirements submitted by the Fundraiser. The Back-end has a database of the Fundraiser and a Template to post content within 10 minutes per Creator. Multiple Creators can post simultaneously.

After watching some viral videos across the Globe about Officials hitting and arresting citizens rallying due to hunger and the hundreds of dying Medical Workers, a Web Developer almost Cried. Afterwards, he asked a group of experts in Facebook, if they can build an Online Platform to somehow help the vulnerable sectors, front liners who lack PPEs and the hungry citizens. Immediately, an Alliance was made and in less than a week a working demo was launched.

The Social Fundraising Platform was named CAREIFY, because it was driven by Care and the extreme Desire to help in any way possible. It was designed for the masses but has a very Strict Fundraisers Qualification Process to build Trust. CAREIFY is Free, has multiple Donation options, the Fastest (A99% Page Speed), most Secure (A+ Security) and Search Engine Optimized (96%) Fundraising Platform. This means every Fundraising post will be ranked higher by Google because Speed, Security and SEO are its key metrics. We developed CAREIFY to be a Social Network wherein Donors and Fundraisers can Connect, become Friends and create Groups like Facebook.

We don’t intend to sell and make money out of CAREIFY because we want everyone who needs help can use it. But we are asking for Donations so that we can further develop it. Furthermore, to cover up for the server expenses and manpower needed to ensure a good community of Qualified Fundraisers will receive financial assistance from kind Donors. We are committed to make CAREIFY Forever Free, because its potential to make a difference is Great. If you believe in our Cause, kindly Donate to Fund the CAREIFY Project.


To make CAREIFY the Best, most Trusted and Popular Social Fundraising Platform which is Forever Free and Accessible to all qualified to receive financial support.


  • To Build a big Community of strictly Qualified Fundraisers posting one valid cause or need that require Financial Support.
  • To Ensure utmost Donor Protection by posting only validated causes or need from Authentic Fundraisers.  To make the Donation process and CAREIFY easy to use, fast, secure and flexible.
  • To further Develop the CAREIFY Social Network and add more features by listening to our Customers’ feedback.

Companies and Individuals behind CAREIFY

The CAREIFY CrowdFunding Platform is designed thru the collaboration of Expert IT and Web Developers from 3 Companies that Care. The leaders behind the project are Cernan Pangga from Creative Web, Marvin Mendoza from Chicken Essentials and Jeremy del Rosario from Cluck Sarap .

Creative Web is a premier Web Development & Hosting company making & hosting the Fastest, most Secure & Search Optimized websites to maximize Sales.

Creative Web

Chicken Essentials is a poultry integrator which was born out of a desire to support the farming sector in the province of Iloilo.

Chicken Essentials

Cluck Sarap is the fastest growing rotisserie chain in Iloilo, commitment to providing every Filipinos the tastiest “Natural” quality product that they deserve.

Cluck Sarap

Contact us to be a Volunteer, Content Creator & Partner. We are Open to Partners & Proactive Bloggers, to develop and promote the system.